Research Themes and Groups

Currently, our three key research themes are:

1) Victorian Legacies – we’re exploring and highlighting the contribution which Victorian political, social, economic, aesthetic and religious cultures have played in the shaping of our modern identities.  Our past has made us who we are, and continues to shape our modern subjectivities.

2) Victorian Objects – this theme considers the rich material culture of the nineteenth-century, shedding light on our own contemporary material, consumer, and commodity practices and preoccupations – and how we might need to change them.  This theme also faciliates partnerships with fellow-researchers in the heritage and cultural sectors.

3) Nineteenth-Century Lives – we’re exploring how nineteenth-century people lived their lives and chose to represent them in autobiographical, biographical, fictional, and material forms.  We’re also considering how they mined their lives of their ancestors for inspiration and guidance.

Our research groups correspond to these three themes.  They are intended to faciliate collaborative research, mentoring, funding bids, and publications.  If you want to join one of the groups, please email the group co-ordinator.


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